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plucking the strings of the cluster

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QUIVERER (M5) is a contact-mic-based module for making plucky, analog string-like sounds. Stretch vibrating materials between the protruding screws (like rubber bands, springs, etc) and pluck with the included feather (or finger, or guitar pick, or ukulele pick, etc).

The QUIVERER series is modular with the faceplate being replaceable with different variations. More options to come soon!

More information, including a manual, can be found here:


Here are demo videos of QUIVERER (M5) through dry and through a variety of other modules. For the full demo video please visit here:

QUIVERER (m5) dry
QUIVERER (M5) through Threetom Modular Doppio
QUIVERER (M5) through Rings
QUIVERER (M5) through Viol Ruina and Monsoon
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Dimensions 46 × 32 × 22 cm


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